Sunday, October 17, 2010

added neoworx

Hewoo one and all

I added neoworx this past week and its been  such an eyeopener for moi. I had thought my little blog had just a few friends popping in to see wot the bear had been up to on the few times I wrote to my poor bog. Thats just not true I began getting little emails from neoworx you have just had a visitor from  ......... What an eyeopener it has been for this middle aged old lady, I have been wondering now who these unknown people are - do they just arrive here  by acciddent or is it pot luck they put a pin in the wall and go hither to an Australian Blog.

"It doesnt work that way Bear" I hear you mutter at me, so tell me how does it work?? Somewhere on my blog it tells me how long I have been blogging - back in a mo, ggggg (giggling bears expression of laffter) okay I went all the way back and I have been kinda blogging since April 3rd 2006. Not long and certainly will never been known for the amount of blogging I do, but since then I have been in this little world  of mine thinking only a few people ever come to my blog's door and have a peep at wot I say or do.

So that being said -- who are these people and why dont they stop and say something??? comments like -" heck I dont get your  blog"  or "hey this is terrific why dont you do more", or just "hey I stopped by and am just saying hewoo to ya". You are out there my little neoworx emailler is telling on ya, so please come on --- say something, tell me you stopped by --- I would love to hear from you all  ----after all you live in such amazing places, my neoworx counter is telling me so!

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

Ok, Love, I've been lurking on your blog for quite sometime. Love your sense of humor almost as much as I love your gorgeous needlework. You are on talented lady!! And funny to boot!!! I'm not a blogger and abhore Facebook or whatever it is. But, I'm in CQI and Chain of Hearts. Keep writing and stitching. God bless, Deborah in San Antonio, Texas USA

Bear said...

Hi Deborah we prolly know each other on CQI - and I used to be on chain of hearts years back
thank you for coming out- I have just hit over 100 countries isnt that amazing all these places coming up and there I was thinking I was doing this for noone but then I found I had some followers - that makes me try a bit more to get some things up.
again thanks for taking the time for coming out and saying heloo I loved it!
love n hugs bear xooxoxoxxo

forever said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

ellen said...

Hi Bear, I'm also on CQI and can't remember how I came here just poppin from one blog to another, but I did recognize your name and wonder how your husband was doing. Hope things are better! I've enjoyed your stitchery over the years and really like the new piece you just posted. Sorry to read about your toothache I just went through some dental work and really hated it, feel better! Also after reading this post though I should at least leave a quick note Hello from New York in the USA, the internet sure makes the world seem smaller at times funny Austrailia was the one place I always wanted to visit when younger it just seemed too far away. Take care Ellen P