Sunday, October 24, 2010

here it is sunday night

hewoo all

just a quick and easy blog tonight with a bit of a tease- if you remember a couple of blogs ago I showed a piece of work I was unhappy with??? well now I have  3 pieces that first is torn in shreds all that is  left is the back faabric and some leaves and bits and pieces- told ya I didnt like it ggggg(bears giggling here why put lol or roflol when a nice gentle way of laffing is ggggg more lady like even if I aint no lady gg.

okay enuff bear no more - back to the tease its so late here and I am watching "Angels and Demons" again on Satellite TV and not in the mood to go turn on my scanner So tomorrow come back and in the day sometime - not telling when but sometime I will scan the 2 new pieces I have done and guess what if you look closely you will see they aint no identical pieces theres big differences but a blind man would be happy to see them ggg

so nighty night you living on the other side of the big pond have a fantastic Sunday, and to us on this side of the pond pleasant dreams and see ya tomorrow!
nighty night

bear xxoxoxox

ps the reasons I cant pin me down and tell ya when I will put up my pretties - well in the am I have a dental appointment in the am
and in the pm a podiatry appointment thiss getting old is for the birds not humans!

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