Tuesday, October 26, 2010

oh deary me

Hewoo all

I'm late, Im late for a very  impoortant date. Sorry one and all- I was going to show last night - but last night I spent mostly on the bed- I have teeth problems and am about to become a toothless bear - oh hhhhhhhhh ahhhh how horrid to think I even said it but there ya go I will be toothless very soon and lost 3 biggies yesterday and wound up on the bed most of the day/night man it took it outta me!So will you all forgive me- here I am bright and early - well for me it is

I have scanned the two sides of my wee sewng tidy bag not sure if I will do anything on the other two sides or not yet --so with out further ado- there are slight differences between the 2 sides and its easy to pick I can so I am sure others of yas will as wll but I believe in small errors to show that a human did this embroidery not a machine if you know wot I mean!

The original project was called "Summer Fruit"" by Jan Kerton. Jan is a beautiful embroiderer and also smocker-- shes one of those women you admire from afar that nomatter wot she does its glorious. This project of hers had strawberries and blackberries, bees spiders (eek none of them on my stuff  EVER" anyway should anyone want to have a look at the original project and perhaps make your own version of the project as I have done - you can find it in Country Bumpkins publication called "Embroidered Bags and Purses" isbn 0-9750920-2-2

The pictures are the wrong angle at present on these scans can u imagine the scans are triangle shaped (which they are) and the single red rose is up the top of the picture okay I am heading back to bed- yup I am being a real woosy baby but its hurting and I lost a fair amount of the red coloured stuff that runs in our arteries yesterday - U really wanted to hear all that didnt ya??? ggggg I am away catch up again soon have a great day wherever you arae in the world today/night

loves n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow it turned out gorgeous Bear. Hope you are feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Miss Bear, those roses are really beautiful. Take care, Deborah

Bear said...

Shashi and Deborah
thank you both very much for the encouragement, I have several UFO's on the go and will post as I get them on the way to finished. thank you both very much
love nhugs bear xoxoxoxoxxo

david_hatton said...

Loved reading your blog, I'm a regular follower. Beautifully written.

Think you might find my posts and articles interesting, feel free to read them.


margaret said...

Love your roses Bear. I have some blue ones you did on a "swap block' for me, a few years ago, Cheers Margaret in Queensland .....sunny today after lots of rain.
Margaret P.

chelsea said...

Wow! very nice bear! It is so cute..

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superman said...

I love those roses! Its looks beautiful!

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Timeshare said...

I love the roses and also the color, the design.

Bear said...

Thank you all very much its lovely to get praise for something I have madelove n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo