Saturday, June 07, 2008

OOPSA its June wot happened to May??

Dear all,

howzat I can talk proper! But not four long I wont!

Hewoo one and all

there that sounds more like me dont it??? So wots been happenings out there while I been lost and unaccounted for another hole month -cant even say I was hibernating --could say I was practising though its only now our official winter period- someone somewhere many eons ago decided that in Australia we would have offically the 1st of June being the first day of winter - (so then the 1st September is the beginning of Spring - ooooooh lovely, December 1 is the first of Summer and then the 1st of March is the first of Autumn) how this came about is not for me to say - after all I'sea a widdle bear person and not all that worried bout it and considering that my all time favourite season is Spring that I can class myself as a true bear - person gg.

Okay so why am I nattering on like an idiot old bear -- well 2 days ago for those not up wiv it that being the 5th of June my old man and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary now normally I wouldn't be blogging on about that BUT Maureen B asked me was I gunna blog and show my lovely pressie that my darling bought his hunny bear and so that's wot I am doing - its for those who may wanna know a Pierre Cardin watch bracelet and it has 7 hearts on the bracelet --one being the watch and the piccies awful cos its got 2 hearts covered wiv tiny Swarovski beads there's about 27 per heart so they are tiny but they do pack a punch out in the sun when it gets on them ggggg and I-- well gang I love it- its big bold and brassy like me gggg

So wot did I get himself - well I dun got him a pair of golf shoes and apparently all morning his buddies at the normal Cudlee Creek "Old Mans" Golf Club Saturday meeting --gave him heapsa for his new shoes, oh yeah and he also wore a new top - heck the way they do carry on ya would think he never gets nuffin new poor darling man!! I must admit though I chose the shirt and I take no blame for the shoes being that they are WHITE, BLACK AND TAN- yup Col is a lair and always has been and just cos he has qualified for his seniors card (U has to be 60 for that one gg) he is and always will be a lair BUT I love him for it --life surely never dull around Colly!! Hes already requesting a particular type of white and Tan shoe polish. Gotta keep these clean and shiny n GLARING at them I wonder if they realise hes got a special something in these shoes and when they do tweak hes winning even more -well then they might -- its special stuff and its to put the opposition off their game --- so Edwardo might change his mind about the ribbing he gave poor darling Col today - he thought he ought to turn it off today and give them half a chance to catch him up on the score board but its coming Edwardo its coming!!! After all Collie is leading All 3 of the competitions on offer at the club, and the physio told him yesterday Edwardo he might not even need the operation so look out dear man look out ggggg

The fact that we both remembered it is a miracle in itself - we have had a few years where it would suddenly occur to me that way back in June we had knocked up another year on the anniversary ratings . Now All I need is for something or someone to remind me that its coming in 3 years cos that will be our Ruby Anniversary and I wanna have a certain male to remember its a ruby year gggg.Anyone out there wanna take on that job its not hard --- you just have to do this -at least one month before a reminder should be sent to me to remember to remind Collie that's its the RUBY year gggg thanks a lot!

oh ahhhhh I love that man - - best decision I ever made! oh well til next time which wont be far off I got some piccies to show of a WIP, nope no longer will I refer to my UFO"s as that from hence forth (like that??) well now from hence forth this bear is gunna call all those UFO's as -- WIP - ie work in progress, never mind that this particular one is many many years old but more on that when I blog the pics okay so for now its night Maureen , and its night night Edwardo, and its night night to yas all -

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox


JudiA said...

Bear, your bracelet is beautiful, but your story did my heart good to read. Congratulations on your anniversary, and no, 3 years is not too soon to begin talking about Ruby anniversaries. You go girl!

MaryO said...

Congratulations to you both, Bear. I hope you'll enjoy many more years of bliss with your lovely man.