Friday, March 11, 2011


hewoo there one and all

Its with a heavy heart that I write tonight - once more the earth has decided to send its bulk upwards and in an effort to explode it created another earthquake this one in Japan in the prefecture of Sendai, where my lovely Hideko resides with her family.

Noone has heard from Hideko tonight but then thats is to be understood although my heart is screeching out theres little can be done bar prayers for those of us who pray or any other method that anyone quietens their unhappy hearts with prayers to Budda, or the many other forms of religon we have across the globe.

So Hideko and the many thousands caught up in this terrible earthquake and also the Tsunami I am praying for you all, I am especially praying for Hideko and her family but there are so many others involved in this terrible happening today. I hope that those who have loved ones and friends in Japan soon hear from them to let them know they are okay, and I hope and pray that we will hear from our beautiful friend Hideko that she and her family are all safe.

To the many more that will face the might of a Tsunami in the next hours I hope and pray that you have all taken heed of the warnings are on higher ground and well out of the way of the Tsunamis frightful roar. To all be safe please and please I pray we all hear from those we love very soon.

love n hugs belinda (bear) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Bear, I believe your prayer saved me and my family safe. Thank you very much for your deep thoughts for us. Hideko

Bear said...

I continue to prayer for both you and your family, you are all still not safe - the reactors continue to cause much concern and the aftershocks and radiaton continue to create much worry, the men who are trying to stop the reactor from going into complete meltdown deserve our prayers as well they are indeed very brave men who are daily in the radiation source. Please God keep them and the rest of Japan and her people safe
love n hugs your friend always bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo