Thursday, March 03, 2011

well I did say I would do......

Hewoo again

Well just a wee 2 days from my last entry and here I am not to say that I am very impressed with my needlework cos I am not But we all have to get back to doing some stitching and after such a long time off and with these shaky old hands playing up its not been a great experience but I promised and I really wanted to give Hayley something to remember me by, and now she may remember me for all the wrong reasons. Her Bubby is due next month and shes a wee tiny little girl - nay woman but so tiny so petite and so big with her wee boy baby. As with all Mums this last month is getting to her but she always has a smile on her face that lights up anywhere she is.

So I grabbed some singlets and a small growsuit for bubby's next summer, I figure that as with all new Mums you get heaps of baby clothes to fit now not so much for the next months after, so thats why I did this little buy. NOW I will tell you so noone has to try and work out wot I have stitched Haylee is Vietnamese in origin, and Australian by choice and this year is the Chinese year of the Rabbit - so these things I havae stitched are RABBITS okay?? the singlets have a bunny facing us with eyes and nose and the growsuit has bunnies  looking away from us so theres a white fluffy tail on them (to be honest I wish I had used this pattern for all of them as it went together so much better then the single Bunnies and if I ever do this again I will definately use the looking away bunnies.So with out any more chat here they are - remember I like the growsuit heaps better then the others gggg and at least the singlets can be hidden under clothes phew!

The singlet with the dark blue bunny looks to me like a gremlem - anyone old enough to remember the movie Gremlins??- and I have taken apart the ears at least 5 times and each time the bear looks the same- I have given up on him I really like the growsuit the best as I say oh well Hayley will more then likely give me one of her beautiful smiles and I will wonder for time immorial whether she really likes them or is being kind. I am sorry that I used my scanner not great pics - the poor cameras card needs downloading its choc a block full. There you go another job for me to do.

Anyway please do let me know how you feel about these poor bunnies, wish I had more time I would take off all the single bunnies and redo them grrrrrr. Why did I decide to do them in the first place .......

Night for now will be starting doing blocks very soon! yippee if I can get these silly hands to stop haking long enough gggg

love Bear xoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

Your embroidary is beautiful as always Bear and Hayley I am sure will love it. Love the photos of the kittens too.

Bear said...

you are so right once she had firgured it out that I had sewn all the wee bummies etc on the items she was so happy and I got the sweetist kiss and tons of big hugs- I was so relieved that she liked them Tjanks Shashi you are always so kind to me
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo

mj said...

Great work, Your work is very cute. I love the bunny was made. I love the colors you used.

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Bear. I admire all your stitching and especially love these wee bunnies. Hugs Judy Happy Easter