Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai Part 2

Hewoo again

well I did another square over the weekend and hey I am almost happy with this one can you believe it- I am almost happy with a square - whoohoo - I did introduced a new piece of fabric, the little flowers on the green background, I was thinking of doing one more block and when I have finished my block for the Sendai quilts section I might do another piece up for me or.... with the 4 other blocks I have made up along the way. Just to see if I can do anything remotely nice with them

(Everytime I write the word NICE- I have memories of my High School English Teacher telling me over and over not to use the word Nice in anything that we write - that the word Nice is the most overworked and worst descritpive word and should NEVER EVER Be used _EVER!) Sorry Miss I did it again! oh deary me- does anyone else remember these silly little things from past life as a kid??)

So without further ado here is Block no 4 above that is!

 thats it I guess I dont know if these colours class as Jewel To me they d but Cols going to take me over to Spotlight for a bit of retail thearpy and I may pick up some other colours maybe thats what is causing my Jewel coloured block - it mighten be that I dont think these are good enough to be up there with the other clocks I have seen being submitted oh so gloriousv they are - well we shall see if I come home with some more fabrics well what can I say- we all need to feed the savaage beast called Cq monster and feed her some  more fabric- then she might be happier and bring forth a block thatI shall be happy with - between Viv's ( "Mrs Perfect" and me the "Fabric Monster" I have a feeling us crazy quilters are well named.

night for now - love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

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piney cq said...

Silly bear!! ALL of your work is absotively GORGEOUS!!! ANY of the blocks that you create are and will be a fabulous addition to this project! Thank YOU so very much for participating! :) (((((O)))))