Friday, April 08, 2011

More on Sendai Block!

Hewoo all

Well I guess you have thought I was taking another long timeout BUT hey here I am behaving and going to try keeping my posts up on the blog this year. Well thats the idea I hope to keep on doing this!!!

 I have decided to use the last block for my Sendai block and I have added the seams decoration well the beginning of them anyway - heavens I havent even climbed over Dads dining room table to climb into my Beads trolly yet but I have begun.(climbing over Dads dining room table is not easy! He has several layers high from whoa to go of paperwork and dont dare move anything he knows where everything is!) I also found a beautiful Tatted heart that someone gave me many years ago I only wish I had been a good bear and tagged the heart with a name of the maker so now I have used it and I dont know who to thank for it- it really is beautiful of course in my well loved colours of purple and mauve and white whoohoo! (If you are the maker please please tell me so I can pay well deserved praise to you!) I then decided I was going to keep my seam decorations to 3 types and use variations of them to make each seam look different to the next seam.  Anyway I am in the early stage but I wanted you to know that I am doing something out here in bears space. Please feel free to comment I welcome it be it either liked or not.....................

 wellllllllllll its a beginnning I am none to sure if I like it or not guess we will all find out next post what happens next!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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