Sunday, April 10, 2011

one day and a whole lot more

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where are all my friend these days - must be all way to bizy to be bothered to check if and see if I have Been a bad bear or a good bear - who would write in her blog every couple of days to keep you up to whats happening down here in the den.

Yesterday I had a vision- bit like Pauley Tuttel from American Choppers a Discovery Channel on Fox downunder - you dont watch it?? Man alive u cant be serious - its all bout Bike building at Orange County Choppers theres Paul Senoir, Paul Junior, Mikey and a couple of other siblings but they are not in the show- anyway last year the 2 Pauls had another blow up at each other and Senoir Terminated Pauley Juniors contract the upshot being that junior opened his own shop Paul Junior Designs (I hope thats it please forgive me Tuttles if its wrong dont wanna upset them one bit I dont) BUT Junior when beginning to envision a new Chopper (a type of Motorcycle for the unintiated inside the motor bike world) well Junior puts a whole heap of drawings or whatever he needs to look and start nutting out the design into a fully completed Chopper, and thats exactly what I do- put the block in front of me somewhere and just try and nut out what to put on it.
so myy friends this is what I have found in my brain and managed to get onto my block- yup I know Bludy spider Web roses- but hey I really like the way I have managed to get the roses made they actually look like the buds I have on my rose bushes now - their last blooming til Spring later on this year.
I hope you like them toooo

I have felt really intimitated by the most beautifuls blocks that the other ladies have shown on the web they do them ooh so gorjus how can I even manage to get remotely close to the others - I am so way behind their blocks- oh theres not a bad one amongst them. Poop there will be when mines done and no I am not looking forward to grabbing some nice comments from anyone I really am soooo intiinated by the others - heck they have made such gorjus blocks darn it.

One thing I am will place on my Sendai block is a bunch of Lily of the Valley - as the secret meaning of these particular flowers is a Return to Happiness. Nope I didnt think that one up -I found it on the Pink Bunny website where Miss Valerie Bothell is having a crazy quilt block of the month and this one just happens to be Lily of the Valley. I do think that Japan and her people really require a return to happiness very very much

. To find the magical web site of the lovely Miss Valerie go to  lots of good things to see and buy there- actually thats where I was finally able to get my wonderful set Of Miss Carole Samples Dream a Seam templates - I had been chasing them for years and had almost given up when someone mentione they were available on this web site so I tootled over there only to find they were sold out. That same night Miss Carole emailed me telling me that she  was going to make more templates and to keep an eye on the web site, Valerie Bothell also told me she would email me the minute they came in- but I didnt give her a chance I was on the site when they were put into the catalogue and finally I had my very own set of the Dream a Seam Templates (well I had to wait on the postie to bring them and I was an absolute pest for the next 10 days they took to arrive downunder - fortunately I know the postie - hes our friend and was relieving on our round at the time LOL). So to those who are trying to get a set of Dream a Seam Templates- keep on keeping on- dont give up until you succeed and actually have a set of your own- they are really worth it. Just ask all those who havae a set, dont forget Keep on trying!!!!

Love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxox


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Bear, I love your block. It'll be beautiful!! Hideko

Laurie said...

OK Bear, I don't know how I've missed your blog, it's awesome!! And I swear I wrote this post!! Your blocks are so beautiful, and I feel the same way you do about thinking we don't measure up to the other ladies. But when I look at out completed blocks, they really do add up!! And yours certainly do. Also, I wouldn't miss American Choppers for anything!!!!! I have been in love with the show since it began. And now with Pauly having his own shop, and this week possibly Rick joining him? Awesome! Go Choppers, go CQI!!