Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starting April 18th! theres a "itty bitty giveaway" on Cindy Adkins whimsical Musings Blog

okay I have had to put the addie in by typing it- but theres a lovely little button with a piccie of Alices tea party on the above blog to announce that next week Cindy is having a week of giveaways, beginning the 18th April even if you dont go into the giveaways do pop over and check out this quite beautiful blog, it made me think of the beautiful 1920's with girls made up to have huge expressive eyes and those cloche hats that are tight fitting but add to the prettiness of the entire affect- cant help love that look! I hope that I have copied this addie in right if not well come and chase me downunder and let me know I am such a dill- I couldnt even work out how to take the button- -dummy bear dummy bear!!!

Go on you know you wanna go look at the pretties.and also pop back here tomorrow I am hoping to have my Sendai block all but completed - I have put the lily of the valley on not 100% happy but I have removed them 4 times and I am not getting it the way I want still so its staying the way it is - I will make a minor change but then thats that - then I only need to put on some beads and we are done done done! Whoohooo!

In case you arent watching the news the word coming out of Japan is not good - theres been 2 big earthquakes in the 7.1 and 7.4 range one was very close to the Nuclear plant this past week. Can anything else go wrong I am continuing to pray for all Japanese (and the Kiwi's as well), but very much for Hideko and Emiko. I am so frightened for them its a terrible situation isnt it??

love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

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Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Bear,
Thank you SO much for your wonderful comments--I am so touched by your kindness! I tried the link and for some reason, the address doesn't work, but if you put this one in, it will for sure:

That way, people can get to me if they would like to join in the week of giveaways!

I LOVE the quilt square that you made--it is purely amazing--all the stitching and the colors--wow!
And it is so wonderful that this will go to benefit people who really need it....

The quakes and meltdown in Japan are beyond comprehension...I feel so terrible for those many of them have lost everything and still, there's so much else that they are going seems endless. My heart breaks for them.

Thank you so much for your kindness...I hope you have a beautiful day and it's SO nice to meet you!