Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sendai Block now is it finished???

Hewoo one and all

well I am late - I would be late for my own funeral I am sure but for ever so many years I was early cos I had to be that these days I hope the world at large will forgive me being the occasional (read all the darn time) being late.

 I showed the critic in the house Dear Old Dad --- forever more to be known as DOD, the block and he reckins its lovely and that I have such clever hands gggggg --well he does ! Surprises me but ---there ya go so I think its finished I have been staring at it for a couple of days- does anyone else do that-?? I ""finish" and then stare and see if I need to change something, I did change a couple of things last night and I learnt something valuable too- the gold material is a real Biatch. If you undo something it wants to undo the weft threads or is it the waft threads well it want to undo one ot of them and it goes from one end to the other - I will not be using that very much or maybe I should use it to get rid of it and then not buy anymore of that stuff every again its horrid stuff horrid horrid horrid!

Do U wanna see it -am not real pleased with it- I have taken things off this block more then off any other block I have ever made, its been terrible ever so terrible - doing then pulling LOL, it would either be the threads didnt do it for me or the pattern isnt what I wanted there or some such thing so without any more adoing here it is-- the Sendai block.
The (horrid) little  white flowers are a represntation of Lily of the valley - which brings "happiness back" so I am hoping it will bring happiness back to  Japan and her people sometime in the future ---not yet-- theres no way yet  that Japans peoples' can be over this yet. Of course the dim flowers to  the right of the heart in centre is my spider web roses- bit dull on  this block n I put Butterflies and also honey bees to help the people to recover all that quicker, and of course hearts everyhere to telll of our  hearts and love from those many hearts filtering out all over Japan --to help mend the Japanese people hearts and minds. Its going to take many years to get even halfway back to a normal soceity this is not something that anyone would be trying to recover from for years and years to come

So what do you think of it my dear friends please do tell me  -as I said  its actually proven to be the very hardest block to do, its caused me more headaches. Normally I just look at the bare block and a picture forms in my head and I just begin sewing and thats that -I may have to pull one line out max. but this block heavens I would pull out seam after seam after seam. Well at present I believe its finished - those silly white flowers on the left are the Lily of the Valley I did - to bring happiness back to Japan. Not real good but heck they are there.

ooh ooh oooh  its almost Easter so to any who pass this way - Happy Easter -- may you celebrate it the way you do in safety and with family and friends, so to all a  very, very Happy Easter to you. To those in Japan and Christchurch and anywhere else that is struggling due to Forces of Nature or War -- I hope that you have peace this blessed time of year and may it continue to be peaceful for all the world over.

                                        Peace be with you!

much love and tons of hugs Bear  xooxxooxox


piney cq said...

Oh BEAR! It is absolutely gorgeous! Sooooo rich!! YUMMMM!!
Thank you ever so much!! Its a perfect addition!!!

gocrazywithme said...

It's beautiful, Bear! Worth all the stitching and unstitching!

Sharon said...

Bear it is beautiful....the colors are just wonderful...congratulations

A Crazy Kindred Spirit said...

This is the first time that I have visited your blog. You are what we in Nebraska would call a "hoot". Love your sense of humor and your block! I especially like the colors in the bow and the spider roses. I'm a new blogger. You may visit me at: http://crazykindredspirits.blogspot.com/

Nor Haniza (Niza Taj) said...

sooo cute !!!
Love your site :)


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