Thursday, March 24, 2011

I wanna scream!

Hewoo all

    Generally I dont like bitchin! BUT LOL- Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club both here in Adelaide SA have told everyone that took photos in pit lane that these Photos cannot be posted anywhere - that Channel 7 and Sporting Car Club have the all rights and etc etc etc rubbish to all pictures and as such this very proud mother of a son who puts in a fair amount of VOLUNTEER time to help the Clipsal 500 run the smoothly car race of the year here in Adelaide South Australia and now this very proud Mum cant put up a photo of her kid cos they say no all photo rights belong to us BIG DEAL! Channel 7 and Sporting Car club my poor little blog has 32 followers who come occasionally to see what I have been up to and I would dearly love to show them how proud we (his Dad and Mum) are of this kid of ours and the fact he puts out for them every year and also through out the year at Mallala car circuit free gratis, no money is given or asked for he loves doing this and he even goes without pay from his normal working Job -as he is a Casual and so he doesnt get paid for the 4 days of the CLIPSAL 5oo

    This is mean spirited channel7 and Sporting car club - I am not going to get anything from putting up a photo of my kid in his uniform shirt (they do supply that free  giving credit where its due)) Is it to much to ask to be able to show a photo of my kid in Pit Lane. Pooh to you big germie corporations unfortunately you guys will never know about this complaint even cos none of my followers belong to these grumpy corporations.

    Thanks you one and all who cross this way  for letting me have a grump I really am so cross with the above now named not corporations.

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxo

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piney cq said...

I don't understand how they can apply this directive to folks like you taking pictures. YOU own the pictures so you have the right to share them! That would be against our constitution to try and stop you from posting. Strange.....I can see why you're upset!