Monday, June 06, 2011

Hewoo its cold out there

Hi all

  I will have something to show in a couple of days I am again working on Hidekos' bag and the purse Clasp,   Its so cold here in Adelaide that I dont feel like going anywhere much -Col has an Ear Nose and Throat appointment at the hospital tomorrow I hope they agree to fix the poor mans nose for him he feels so terrible at present and has done for a long time- Hes been on the waiting list for an appointment, for at last 5 years - all those little ones getting tonsils or adenoids or grommets out and in  before him gggg. Anyway tomorrow is the day.

  My old printer - one of the all in one jobs hit the died and gone to hell button the other day  Col and I went over  to the shops and got a new one similar to the old one but its not the same I have been argueing with it since -- to get the silly thing hooked up even had Kieron down to see if he could get it hooked up - but nope its being a pain in the rear end.

    Anyway I have been making little 6 n a half inch block of the month, for a wee while now. I am getting from "The Pink Bunny"  Valerie Bottell's wonderful online shop ( )  - so far I have almost completed the Pansie block, I  have finished the Daisies, and also well on the way to finiishing the Lilly of the Valley. I have ordered the Roses one next - its Pink roses. I am really enjoying doing this - I have never been in a block of the month  and being that these are 6 n a half inches big its proving to be a challenge for me cos we all know how I love doing BIG!-- 20 inch is right up my alley so with these I have to think small gggg and would you believe there was a spiderweb rose on the Lilly of the Valley block and its in 4mm ribbon. I havent made a spiderweb rose THAT small EVER well not since I began to make them my own way and -- you ---- know---- what--- I LIKE it. I am ever so surprised that it actually came up so great and to think that I like it is amazing. I guess that will mean you all hate it gggggg BUT Kierons coming back down here in the am and we will have another go at getting the printer and the computers to talk nice and I will be scanning my little heart out. Tonight I am working on Hidekos bag Whoohoo I am feeling much better about the bag and its GOING to go together and thats THAT!!!

Anyway this is  where I am up to - Thought I would let you all know I am about---- and  I havent gone into blog sleep again---- I am being so good this year---- aint I but???

Loves to all and Big hugs to all
Bear xoxoxoxox

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