Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hewoo I dun promised Piccies didnt I???

Well here I am again - hewoo to you all

I promised piccies last time I wrote and I do my darndest to do the right thing - sometimes it doesn't work but hey presto I dun did this time whoohoo!! I doubt many would remember about this particular item except Hideko and I- we have been in the process of exchanging a bag to each other for more time then either of us could remember. Anyway Hideko sent me her beautiful bag to me earlier this year, its ever so gorjus (when I find the camera I will take piccies of it to show its a beautiful piece of art from a lovely lady!

Anyway then things came in and got in the way- the Earthquake and Tsunami in Sendai and surrounds and I just didn't feel like embroidering bags at that time but did 2 blocks for the Quilts that were made up and sent to Hideko to raise funds to help out children  after the terrible earthquake/Tsunami. Then in between I had so much trouble with my dear old hands- this arthritis happening in both of my thumbs and several fingers has slowed me down a lot but with the return of some warmer weather I have been able to do some more and the BAG IS FINISHED.

La Te Da Hideko I feel like jumping up and dancing (nope can't do that either of deary me how boring can life be ggg) But now for the truth the whole truth I had almost completed the bag earlier this year- when for some reason I took it outside in the sunlight and I HATED it- not only hated it but the fabric was downright filthy. THAT would not do I thought. So I came in grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up the bag there and then- I was so angry I could have washed it no doubt BUT I was really at the stage where it had been hanging around here and I just got to the stage where I hated it (if you look back on other blog entries I have written no doubt you will find piccies of THAT bag.

So now wot to do- I had cut up bag number 1, which was actually bag number 2 (I originally thought to do a smocked bag - but changed my mind when the bag I like only had 4 rows of smocking on it and that was back smocking only, so out came the fabrics and I put together a new front and new back and began to put together this bag. My  spider web roses are made with hand dyed ribbons I purchased from Flights of Fancy Boutique - oh so pretty. The bag is several shades of purple and  greens with a little black Jacquard patch to add a touch of spice. I only used Roses to embroider the bag and again stuck to purple (several shades) and the red ribbons. The only other adornment are the butterflies, which is why I call this " Butterfly's on Roses" of course I couldnt NOT put Swarovski crystals in and around and on the roses.

The other thing that slowed down the finishing of this bag was I couldn't find a purse clasp that I liked !! I chased purse clasps everywhere. Finally Lincraft in Elizabeth did get in some new purse clasps and I bought 2 of these, but then I thought them to ordinary and plain Jane so when Colin took me to the craft Show I picked up another couple of purse clasps there, they were either to big or too small - although I could have made them fit - I had left enough fabric to be able to alter the top of the purse to fit any clasp if it wasn't too big. I just didn't like them I guess- Col took me to Elizabeth again and I looked  in the store there and also at Spotlight here in Munno Para, Just didn't have purse clasps or not the ones I wanted. So I rang a lady who sells them privately here in South Australia and when they came I thought yes I finally have just want I want, grabbed the purse put the frame up against it and LOATHE the frame. Would you believe I finally wound up using the very first purse clasp I bought at Lincraft in Elizabeth, the fancier frames overpowered or screamed at the bag they just didn't suit the bag at all- maybe because I had so many roses covering the bag itself that it just needed a plain clasp and so on Monday(our time here) Cols taking me down to the Post office and Hidekos' Purse (bag either or) and her Birthday present (yes that was months ago as well  I may be slow BUT I DO get there in the end) will be on there way to her FINALLY!!

With Much Love and biggest Hugs to you Hideko-- I pray you like the bag and book dearest friend. To all others I hope you all enjoyed the telling of the story behind Hidekos bag

lottsa love and hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Bear, what struggles you have had with my bag behind the scene!! Tear comes out in my eyes. You didn't need cut up the block. Of course I love your bag with gorgeous spider web roses!! I am looking foward to it! But please take your time. You might have recovered but I think it's not perfect condition. Work slowly!
I don't like to see you have some troubles again. Thank you lots for your friendship!! Hideko

Sharon said...

Bear it is beautiful.....

piney cq said...

Well DONE girlfriend!!! YOU rock!!!! I know Hideko will love it!!!

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhh Bear that is a lovely bag! You are a dear and so sorry you were so dissappointed with the first one - sometimes we are too critical of ourselves!

BTW I love your picture and you are a sweetheart, stop knocking yourself down sweetie!!!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

What an adventure you had with this bag, Bear! Well worth it though, looking at the end result! I know Hideko will treasure it!

Cathy K said...

What a gorgeous bag,Bear! You rock! Hugs, Cathy

Needles & Threads said...

What a beautiful bag! You did wonders, I love the frame, it suits it perfectly. I am sure Hideko will love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Thearica said...

Beautiful bag! I need to make one of those some day!

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Bear, congratulations :) .. i love that bag..

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kids creative chaos said...

Awesome! I'm crazy for purples and greens together. The flowers are beautiful. I don't know how people do things like this :-)
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