Friday, March 02, 2012

oopsa its MARCH where did February go??

hewoo all

its been a long long month- my man has been very ill and we have been doing many trips to and fro the Hospital etc, in an effort to get him on his way to gaining his health again. 'tis all to true.

    Anyway I have been doing a wee amount of stitching, and occasionally I managed to visit my favourite shops ie Spotlight and Lincraft why U all ask well I managed to walk myself into a wall with my Boho bag- the funny poirples I used and especially the lace around the edge that I really do love but believe me put the deep purple I had here to place on top of the lace Screeched at it and I MEAN SCREECHED!!!! So I have been tooing and froing between the 2 stores mentioned above hoping that sooner or later one of them would purchase in something that I could put over the lace and not have it screaming at me and eventually Lincraft did the deed and I have something that might just work - I have yet to play and put the bag together. I am hoping that life is going to settle down and I can also settle down and complete the bag. I want to show it off so much LOL-------- I use what I call Bearspeak - in short its a language a wee Aussie bear might say anad one thing I use a lot is gggggg -its just me having a giggle.

    Maybe I need to start a dictionary of bearspeak language but please those who do come and visit with me now you all now that I gggg giggle a lot and wont wonder what I am doing when I put in the gggg and the amount of the ggs is just how much I am giggling. so enough of that huh!

    I dont want this to be all talk n no piccies so I have a piccie or 2 to show yup have tried to do some stitching in between sitting and just catching our breath - what I hear you all ask - well I managed to get one block ready for TAST - BUT I havent even put a stitch on it - I added a couple of pretty trims for the heck of it- dont ask me why when it is supposed to be a stitching block n not a normal trims and piccies etc.- probably just needed to have something on the block and lets face it I can take that off in the future when I do have heaps od stitched seams on it - anyway not that Sharon is worried cos one little bear hasnt begun but hey Sharon I havent forgotten and I will get there to play soon I hope!

  This is the Pink Boho Flap the Left hand side, the butterfly on this side may be changed in time to come and this is the very basic beginning I just wanted to get something onto each seam, so I could remove the pins I had all over the place ggggg!
  Okay now this is the showing the right side of the flap another beaded butterfly is up on the top, I have had this little butterfly for such a long long time and finally have been able to use it somewhere.The colour looks like it might be way off but when I upload the next step piccies you will see that its no longer looking out of place- well I dont think it does anyway.
    Ok this is the pink block I have started to eventually go and play with Sharon's TAST

     What else have I played with well I said at the time when putting the first Boho bag that I wouldnt be able to stop at one well I havent been able to- the new one is in ooh heck  I dont believe it but I have put together a Boho Flap n PINKS and Creams. Pinks heavens I had to go buy some fabrics to do it whats more- Col came with me and we had some fun looking at Pinks fabrics anyway I have completed all the seams in one layer of embroidery - obviously there will be more added embroidery  to the seams that wont be covered  in some fashion. I have completed the spider web roses all around the gypsy girl. I will scan them  tomorrow and will attempt to blog them up tomorrow. Please forgive me if I dont, life at present is very up and down in our home ggggg..

      Just before I go when I began my blog and I had my first follower join me -- I was over the moon, and as each and every one has joined my followers list I have continued to be over the moon, tonight when I opened my blog to write this entry I saw I have now 100 Followers AMAZING!!!! Thank you every  one of you - you have no idea of how your being happy to come to my little blog and see what I am up to has made me feel. Thank you all ---everyone of you 100 lovely bear followers THANK YA!!!!!

 lottsa love and hugs
  Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Bear, it was so lovely to have a nice long newsy post from you - I have been wondering how you and Col were making out.
It sounds like you are going "Boho Crazy" with so many beautiful ones started. Enjoyed the piccies in progress!
Take care & God bless!