Wednesday, March 07, 2012

hewoo again

well its been really quiet around here and I am not going very far very fast. Still after saying I was goiong to go moderated with my comments etc I found the SPAM folder and it was full of them so i am going to go back to the old way of comments going on the blog soon as they are written and rely on the spam folder to grab those that are truely spam and not my lovely followers real comment mind I am not doing all that much stitchery at present I have hit a snag - one rose has thrown me out- stoopidhow I can get myself hung up like this - i am sure others dont and they have a plan n just fly ahead with that and next thing they have finished something totally beautiful I struggle sometimes I know what I dont like and then I am not sure whether or not I do like it after akkk- oh deary me Virgos can be such perfectionist and when it comes to this I am a true little old virgo eek.

I am in a Monthly trim and treasure club with and received another beautiful supply of trims and the like today all in lovely pinks and hey I think Virgo is screeching theres a couple of things just wanting to jump onto my pink Boho flap so I will try them out and of the look like I want will scan again soon.

So thats all there is tonight - life continues to be busy appoinments and such but soon it will all settle down and I may finally have some really exciting news - please those who do pray - say some for the man in my life and also for myself as well.

till later my love and biggest hugs bear xxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Bluebell said...

I think we all get into a tiz about things and I like you am a perfectionist but really that's not a bad thing. I will certainly say a prayer for your man.
God Bless