Thursday, March 29, 2012

hewoo again Who feels like a GOOD News story????

Well finally the prayers have worked and yes Virginia there is a Santa as well - I not  ashamed to say I asked everyone..

Okay yesterday was the stress Test with another drug apparently the Cardiac surgeon is doing a study on renal patients using this method and is happy with the results then the other way etc.So off we trot to the hospital again- I am there more then when I worked there I am sure at present.- no not true- I worked full time nights so I was there heaps more ggggg but I guess you all can understand what I meant cant you?? Col was nervous I was stressed to the back teeth and then some remember last time he wound up having a lousy time and then all the fun and games later on etc so neither of us was feeling like a happy camper etc.

I delivered him to the MRI unit and the lass toook him straight in- come back in about 45 mins- so I added another 1/4 hr to that and went back in an hour- back round the corner the same lass looks out ans says hes still on the table- EEK! U can imagine my very overwrought overactive over to many years ago registered Nurses brain went well into overdrive and was imagining the terrible things going on in the Unit- the only thing I was sure wasnt happening was he was vomiting cos they would have had to pull him out of the contraption  in that instance..

So I walked back around the corner and sat - found a Womans mag to read and lo and behold it had a Xword to play with- well I had left my book down in the car with Kieron (he came down with us in case Colin was anywhere like he was the last stress test!) It took another 3/4 of an hour before my darling finally came around the corner and I got a weak smile out of him.

So tonight we finally made it to the cardiac surgeon's office (after a crawl from Gepps coss Junction all the way up to the turn off for North Adelaide- why well there had been a car prang - 4 cars and an articulated Bus- one of the Biggie Busses had all run into each other- took us 45 mins to cover the distance thatnormally we would do in 15 mins. oh well anad I was so good I didnt even freak at the site of the car prang- but it did remind me of the day when 3 cars ran into mine and wrecked my kife. enough of that !

So we are called into the mans office and theres no smiling- had he heard what a cow I had been  re the test and why Col had to do it - whatever he read his notes looked at his computer turned to us both and finally smiledd anad says these are totally normal results of a Dobutamine Stress Test - there's no sign of Ischaemia adn I am quite happy to say you dont need to have the Angioplasty and also I will write to the renal Fellow and tell him I am happy for you to go onto the Transplant list. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!  RELIEF finally that dread feeling is lifting I may not be any good but someones got an organ for him someone has I hope

We Col and I floated out of that office Colin was beaming  and so was I --- finally finally all the testing is OVER???? Well I hopes so----- I hope this is the end of the testing for him until THAT call comes to say there's a kidney organ waiting for him.

So thank you all ---Kerry,Leslie, Maria, Bluebell, Faye, Viv --please forgive me if I have forgotten an name you are alI  n my heart and I thank you all for your support -- everyone who prayed for us or thought good thoughts , who sent us good vibes---- something finally has gone our way. I say OUR way as I cannot imagine a time without this crusty old man of mine, hes one of the good guys (even when I am so cranky that I yell at him ggggg)

Now to wait our turn (our means Him and I cos it does affect the other halves )-  after transplantation life is so damn good I do remember that from all those years back its been a real let down for me and our kids watching him slide back to having failing transplant). All we have to do now is wait and hope and Keep Colin kinda healthy enough to have the darn operation when its comes up! So please keep him in your hearts and thoughts and prayers or whatever. Not just Col but other who are waiting also especially a dear friend in the UK> whose hubby is also having the same sort of run!

That's it for now though nighty night - and again THANK  YOU ALL for being there!

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxo


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I am ecstatic over this happy news, Bear! As we like to yell here near Cowtown....Yee-HAW!!!
This is such great news and I am in tears with happiness for you both. Now up up up that list he goes!!

Bluebell said...

Hi Bear, what briliant news, I am so glad for you both it is so good for you to get good news. I will keep praying and hoping that the news keeps improving. Bless you both.


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kobe said...

glad to read your article, just hope you can bring more good news for us

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