Sunday, March 04, 2012

hi there one and all- its now Sunday morning here in downtown Adelaide SA

Hewoo there

  I am just dropping by to say hewoo and to  have a wee grumble, its sad to say but I have put my blog comments onto moderation as I have had several spam like comments of late. I hate doing it this way as I like being able to seemy comment go straight up on others blogs and am not wrapt in having to wait for the blog owner to catch up and put my comment up- hopefully this wont have to go on for very long and again I am sorry to be doing it this way cos its always those lovely friends out there who will be moderated as well as the spammers but I can think of no other way of keeping the blog free of spammers- unless someone has another suggestion that I can follow up on.

love n hugs bearxoxoxox

ps I will be scanning the Newest Boho flap tomorrow hopefully please pop baack then if you want to see


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hello dear Bear! It is a shame about the moderation but I think everyone will understand - we all have the same problems with spammers. I recently went to a site to help me learn to speak Bosnian - the next day my blog had over twenty spam messages (all in Bosnian)! Hmmm... I see a pattern! lol

Anonymous said...
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