Saturday, March 24, 2012

mmm some sad news for us

Hewoo one and all,

As I hinted in my last post I have been going through quite a few tests- for what ---well so I might be able to give my darling Colin a kidney of mine. It had been looking promising till I had to have an echo (its just an ultrasound of the heart nothing invasive) and it was found that I have been suffering from high blood pressure for some time longer then had been realised and I have some mild damage to my heart (hey yup I REALLY do have one gggg). and along with that I had to have yet another 'wee" test and this one found microscopic albumin. So what does this all mean well it rules me out as a donor for Colin -I have been feeling very angry with myself for not taking more care of me but I guess its just one of those things.

Sadly this means that Colin will ---if he is able to and hes still undergoing tests to see if he will cope with another transplant at this time- but if he passes the last couple of tests he will go onto the waiting list for a Cadaver transplant. Of course these are very long lists-- he waited 5 years last time and he may be waiting longer this time as the supply of donated kidneys isnt good (actually that goes for all organs and all waiting lists). This transplant he received in 1988 and has been so  very careful with it and looked after himself as best he could--- well its lasted 23yrs(and  to the family who were so courageous and said yes to donating their family members organs Col and I have been ever so grateful all these years. Every May long weekend Colin and I  would remember them even though we do not know them they were always thought of very lovingly in our family).

The donation of organs is such an emotive subject at the best of times, and to have hospital staff come to relatives of a dying family member must be really difficult especially if no one in the family has spoken of organ donation in the quiet family setting. When our kids were younger(they were teens by them, we had THE talk one night just after tea, we wanted them to know how we felt about donation of our organs and they were brave enough at that time to tell us they also wished to donate their organs should the worst scenario happen. Sadly they cannot donate a kidney to their Dad although they would be first in line --they have both developed diabetes, and have been ruled out ass well. Sometimes life STINKS!ggg

Anyway at the risk of turning everyone off my blog forever, please think of Organ donation should you be able to do so. its way better to let your families know of your wishes before they are faced with hospital staff asking them at a time when no one is thinking clearly - if they know before hand its a really easy decision to be made by them.Here in Australia you can have it noted on your Drivers Licence but if your family is faced with the decision they can refuse so please TALK it over with them before hand and let them know of your wishes -then the decision will be so much easier for them knowing what you WANTED to happen.

That endeth the lecture I am sorry I have been so serious this entry but there are so many people out there in the world who are waiting for organs to give them a chance of a great life and believe me these past 23 yrs have been fabulous and both of us are hoping against all hope that he is up to having another transplant and that the wait is not to long this time but that  is in the laps of the ................... whomever we all believe in.

much love and tons of hugs Belinda xoxoxoxoxoxo

PS--Just to let you know bears still here -Tomorrow I will put up a piccie of what I have done to that poor pink Boho bag - yup I dun changed it all again I am hopeless am I not???? VIRGOS I should have been born a Gemini.  much love Bear xoxoox


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Dear, dear Bear - I can just imagine your disappointment and anquish when you found you could not give Colin one of your kidneys. I pray he is found fit for another transplant and that the list will move quickly.
Canada is the same - you can note your wishes on your drivers license here too. We are signed up for it although I don't know they would want much from old fogies like us. It is time to have a talk again with the kids though so they know they need to confirm our wishes if necessary at the time - thank you for the reminder. We are also on the Bone Marrow Registry in case we are ever found to be a match.
I am wishing you and Colin all the best and success in this.

Marie Costa said...

I'm very sorry to read the disappointing news, I'm sending positive vibes your way for you and your family.

Bluebell said...

Hello Bear, I am so sorry about your news, you must feel very frustrated and angry. I really do not know how I would cope with the problem you have. Your post has made me think, I will definitely be chatting about this to my family, it is such a hard topic to discuss but I will certainly try.
Love Jill

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