Sunday, March 04, 2012

hehehe sometimes I do do wot I say!!!

Hewoo one and all
 its been a good day in downtown Adelaide today- the Clipsal 500 was on - this is a car race that is peculier to Australia - at present there are only 2 Manufacturers running cars and they are big boys -  big V8's lots of grunt and lots of power and lots of noise and occasionally especially on turn 8 of the Adelaide track (which is actually in the heart of Adelaide and half is a pure road track and the other part is run through the parklands nearest to the road track - obviously Bear - obviously!! No really bad prangs in the race today- which is run over 2 days - and is 250 kms long each day. There was a baddish prang -during qualifying this am and those 2 cars didnt get out onto the track - not enough time to repair the damage  - bad crash yesterday but one guy wound up with a sore shoulder lucky!! like the bangs but hate to see anyone injured. Today a Ford ewon the day and the weekend - yesterday a Holden won the race and our winner today was 2nd then so well won Will Davison.
And kirk Patrick I SAW you there u do cut a cute figure even if I am ur Mum. Kirk is one of the Grid Marshalls, every year he lines up, mind u he also goes to the smaller race days held here at Mallala as well. Yesterday I had a great view of his left arm and his watch gggggg but also saw him later helping to push Wills Ford back to the Pits- Will was leading the race when on the last lap he ran out of fuel- he made it across the line though in 2nd so sad ggg. Hey Kirk how did it feel touching a Ford kiddo??- KP is a Holden FANATIC, maybe that should be TRAGIC ---whereas his Bro and Dad and I all follow the Fords.

Anyway so you dont think its been a waste of time visiting my blog I DID I really DID scan the piccie of where I am up to on the Pink Boho bag. I can tell you now IF I do another one (Boho Bag that is)-- I Am NOT repeat NOT doing spider web roses I am sick to death of them at this time- I bet a lot of you out there wonder if I can do any other ribbon flowers - well  I really can and its just that I became known for doing these spider web roses in this manner although many now do them also -- and its lovely to see that I have given an influence in some type of ribbon work.

Pink Boho Bag after first ribbon work has been completed
so here it is - now this is not finished- I am just trying to show How I do the ribbon embroidery and when and how I do each step I dont know if anyone is terribly interested in this but for now bear with me- (oh thats sic huh --bear with me -sorry bout that one gggg).

Anyway I do hope that some are enjoying watching the steps as i do them- this is not to say that the way someone else does them is wrong this is purely my way alone - I think I am going to play with some beading next - anyway will scan a piccie after the next effort.

Night for now
love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxo


Sandie Edwards said...

Hello Bear, it is lovely to see you blogging again..... love your beautiful stiching pieces, as always is amazing. Miss you heaps

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This looks just lovely Bear! Can you blame us all for never tiring of seeing your roses? lol

Pat Winter said...


Katy said...

Your ribbon roses are very beautiful- just like the rest of your work. Congratulations. Katy