Monday, May 01, 2006

Hearts for Toni E

May 1st 2006
Well I have finished both of Toni E's hearts tonight.
Toni Has seen the first heart - called black heart with orange roses, and the second one has been called the wild one beacause of the fabrics I used to make it. I was thinking of the Indian "Bollyhood" movies - where the story is always upbeat and there are always heapsa of singing and definately no kissing and the womens costumes of wonderfully coloured Sari's. I really love these movies - theres never ever any suggestion of sex , and the movies generally are happy and have apart from the singing lots of dancing and the swirl of the wild coloured Sari takes me to another place and another time. So the colours in this heart were fashioned after some of the colours used on the Sari in manyof this movies.
So there is an orange, followed by a bright cerise pinkfollowed by what I now know to be a piece of Hoffman material, in oranges, bright blue, yellow,cerise pink and lime green, this piece is followed by a lemonary orange and the last piece of fabric is a metallic red based orange. the first and last pieces of material are made up of 2 pieces of fabric - one on top of the other to give depth to the colours on top.
I then used Black organdy and silk ribbons to make spider roses and buds, a bluey green silk ribbon is used for the leaves, there are mtallic beads on the seams adbright pink and blue and black threads cover the other seams I have used orange beads in the middle of the spider roses and I also used an Edmar thread in green for the stitching around the rose buds- in the middle of the heart on the Hoffman fabric I have stitched a gold heart - to signify from my heart to yours and sa usual I have added butterflies. I hope you like this one too Toni !!!!

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