Thursday, May 25, 2006

Talking of Bags

Hi there

I was talking bags with the ladies on the dolly list - Sherry has two gojas bags on ebay for auction and I told her of my little offerings- not in her standard but .....anyway I have scanned them and thought I would put them on the blog for those friends on digests who dont get the attachments on Yahoo mail lists

The Red Amulet Bag is made from ribbon - on the back is the red rose of the ribbon - shame it only shows on the back - as it really is beautiful- the beading is red plastic beads - yup and also brass hearts in two sizes - just goes to show that plastic arent to be banished to the end of the earth - these are good looking- well thats my thoughts on the subject anyway LOL

The Blue Bag- is one of Pat Winters designs- it was sent to me as a kit for a burfday present by a dear friend Terri A (who does the most amazing glass blown ornament. The ornaments that Terrie makes are so amazing!!! Anyway the beads on this one came with the kit and are glass and other beads (no plasttic in this lot though) and the threads were also in the kit- I had the best time making it I really did - Have since made another one up and I sent it as a present to another lass

The third and final bag - is from my noggin- I was fiddling about one night and had this piece of velvet and wondering what I was going to make with it and then as I sat there fiddling the idea came to me and the top of the bag has my dyed motifs- these are all dark dyed pieces that I really wasnt all that keen on but they fell into place and this is the result of a evenings fiddling around. This bag does double duty as I usually keep my brooches pinned onto this bag . Yes I have used it but its just not big enough for all my stuff !!


Jo in NZ said...

I love these Bear. They are ggggggorgeous!

shashi said...

Wooo hooo how beautiful they are. Wishing I had the same talent as you. They ae gorgeous Bear and so glad I can see them now.

MaryO said...

Bear, they are exquisite. Shame on you for hiding your talents all this time! You do fabulous work!

Isabella said...

Hey Bear- love your purses! The red one is my favorite. I think I need one to wear around my neck to keep my treats in, dontcha think?
Big Wags,

Zach said...

If Isabella can leave a comment, then so can I! Judi says the olive one is her favorite - but they are all wonderful. Isabella doesn't need a bag to keep her treats in - her treats are lizards! Their little nails would shred the bag.
Big Wags,

abeautifulcraft said...

I just love the one you made Bear, it's soooo snazzy and gorgeous. I can't wait to see some of the stuff first hand, when I visit you! huggggles