Monday, May 01, 2006

Toni E's Black Heart

This is the first heart I made for Toni E - we are swapping 2 hearts. Toni has given me Her purple Sane dragon - he is so gorjas and Toni is making me another dragon heart and this one will be red, yummy!!
Anyway Toni is a big lover of orange and has swapped hearts with another lady on COH these hearts are orange background with a black kangaroo on them and when I saw them I thought of doing my hearts in a different way and so this is how I saw the hearts I would make for her and they have come up all right well I think so anyway - I hope Toni likes them too ggggg
Anyway the black heart is made in a CQ fashion of different black materials and the spider roses are orange I also added some bought flowers they are orange but kinda of look red but hey I know they are orange ggg and then I used some little daisey flowers that I had dyed a long while ago - in a kinda of bronzie orange colour I also used some Edmar threads making little colonial knots for buds and the green thread around them for accent stems and leaves I used the same beads in both hearts the black metal look were used as the centre of the dyed daisy where as I used them as an accent stem on the wild heart
On both hearts I used hearts and butterflies - on the black heart the butterfly is gold as are the tiny hearts and on the wild heart I used a antinque heart and coloured butterflies. I hope you like them both Toni - its been great working my embroidery on these hearts for you.and so from my heart to yours these will be on there way to you later on today!!

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