Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trims purchased in Cowra and one purchased fro Spotlight Munno Para SA

I thought I had better correct a misunderstanding thats going on re the bag below and people thinking this is my work, How I wish it was!!! It is a picture of the bag I am making -- from the softcover mag "Embroidered Bags &Purses which is a collection of 16 truely inspiring embroidered bags etc - there are full Instructions and patterns for each Bag or purse and Its yet another publication by Country Bumpkin and if you are into pretty bags and purses - this is THE perfect mag for you! Its well laid out and the patterns and the instructions are so clear to read and undestand .

This bag has 2 rows of smocking - actually its backsmocking (one row at the top and one row at the bottom)on the central pink piece of material, the bag is called Midnight Fantasy and the designer is the very wonderful and inspiring Julie Graue (who unfortunately is now living in Qld) -
I was fortunate to take a smocking class with Julie in one of the many classes at a "Beating Around the Bushes" -which is a Country Bumpkin production -runs for week and there are different classes run by Australian and some guest oversea teachers There is also a full day set aside one full day for Market Day - I had a great time even if I couldnt move well for a week or two after it ggggg, and I spent far too much money at Market day - but it was such a fabulous occasion and there were sini lectures throughout the day and workshops as well buy the kit and do the workshop type deal, and there were booths with interstate people I had never seen except in magazines etc- and I let the moths out of the purse well and truely - well I had saved up .ggggg. They are supposed to be Biannual events but this years has been cancelled for some reason and theres no word on when the next one will take place -= boo hoo!!
Anyway I hope this clears up the situation of who made this wonderful bag- I truely would love to say this bag is mine but I believe Julie might come down from QLD and bop me one if I did!! Hi Julie!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo
Top - pink trim from Cowra - second trim from Spotlight
3rd and 4th piccies are Cowra Trim

Top Picture - Pink Trim from Cowra and the 2nd trim picture down is the trim from Spotlight - see how much thicker the bead dangles are compared to the other three trims (the pink,(top piccie) black metallic and bottom gold with coloured dagger beads (3rd and 4th piccies down from the top! anyway they are the trims I purchased in Cowra!!)

I have been asked about the Trims I bought while in Cowra NSW - these trims were all the same price - $A 6.99,which to me was a great price trim the second picc down from the top is the trim I purchased at Spotlight Munno Para - (this one was $A 24.49)

My very own Spotlight- It takes me 5 mins to get to it!!(and thats cause the lights are always red when we get to them ggg) whereas the Salisbury Spotlight took about 20 mins depending on lights and traffic etc- this Salisbury Spotlight was closed down when Munno Para opened - oh its heaven having them so close- but of course Colin doesnt think so ggggg

The only difference I can see is that the Cowra beads are not strung with as many drops compared to the Spotlight Trims- they are made by a different company - the Cowra trims are sold under the name "Creative Trims" and the Spotlight trim is sold under 'Beaded Trimz". There is a signifcant weight differnce between the 2 different brands- ie more drops on the Spotlight brand but the length of all of them is 1 metre. For the handbag I am going to make I only need 35 cms (13 and 3/4' inches). But I will find heapsa more projects to use all this lovely bling ggggggg

I have included a picture of the handbag I am making and the purple beads from Spotlight are the ones which I will use on the handbag! The handbag pattern is taken from "Embroidered Bags & Purses" - published by Country Bumpkin.Its the first one in this book I will be making- there are a couple of bags whose pattern I will use BUT will do the bags differently! This bag I am doing very much the same as the picture, the only difference is the purple and green trim on the bag -( the one shown on the bag is something like $46 a metre - too rich for me!!)

Everything is cut out for this black and Pink fabric smocked bag - just needs me to pull my fingers out (but not saying where from ggg) and get a wriggle one with it - in other words - get off this pooter and into the sewing room- (better known as the dump room or the original name is the bar room )- its got a huge bar in there and when half my supplies and machines in there and its not tidy - the Bar dominates the room- but its a beautiful bar and so I need to get too and tidy that room ggggg. Anyway here is the picccie of the handbag enjoy (the picture is actually above this blog )- I WILL post my version when I get too and do it okay??- at least another week . Maybe two - I gotta do some hearts and more I gotta do my Paper dolls RR. then I can play and make the bag - I am looking forward to making it too! xoxoxox


Calidore said...

ohhhh lovely trims Bear and the bag is stunning.

abeautifulcraft said...

Your bag is just gorgeous, I wanna make one now!!!!!!! lol The trims are beautiful, I love them all!