Thursday, May 18, 2006

Poirple Fairy for Mary (paper doll RR)

Hello again -
I have finally posted Camilles Flower Lady paper Doll RR - I dont mind the doll now but I am so upset with the journal entry - I have so little experience with Journaling and have never been into scrapbooking and oh it surely does show- sorry Camille I really am- just look at your doll and forget the journal entry!

I have completed Mary's poirple fairy - its strange to me how one doll can be so hard to birth and yet another comes straight away - I had completed the pencil colouring before we left for the trip to and last night I made the rest of her clothing - she has a shrug type top which is held in place by her favourite poirple butterfly and a poirple organza skirt - made in the shape of individual leaves her fairy wings are also made of poirple organza and has some decoration on them and to complete her outfit she is wearing a porple bow in her hair. So now shes all set to go play amongst the flowers at Mary's home

I hope Mary likes her, I do I really do - heck bear wots wrong wiv you - u like something U has made heavens above wots going on in your head??


Isabella said...

Bear, your paper dolls are gorgeous! I am so glad to be able to see your work now.
Linda F

Bear said...

ggg Ta muchly Isabella - I lubs you visiting my blog!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo bear

maverick said...
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shashi said...

Bear she is so lovely. I love her too. You are doing wonders with your paper dolls.

abeautifulcraft said...

Bear she is so sweet ...... really like this one too!!! How many are you making all up???

Iris said...

Bear, she is so cute my poor old paper doll had to suffer along with paper clothes too. She would have been so much prettier dressed by you.

MaryO said...

Bear, she's wonderful! Someday, when I'm a little better at CQ or embroidery or something(!), I'd love to do a swap with you!
Love, MaryO

Fran said...

Hi Bear,
O MY! I love your paper dolls. They are FANTASTIC, LOVELY, GORGEOUS!!! I guess I missed you had a blog. Way to go girlfriend. I love what you are doing.
Love & Hugs

maverick said...
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maverick said...
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