Sunday, April 30, 2006

Not much is happening

April 30th - its now Sunday at 1.17am my time

Not much is going on in my life at the moment - it was a normal Saturday - Colin went to golf this morning and I watched a couple of movies - Aviator - wasnt bad- It made me sad though that Howard Hughes was so obviously suffering a Mental Illness and instead of getting him help they seem more worried about keeping the world from knowing - it reminded of O.C.D. poor man all that money but he was still a very sick man and his minders although doing what they thought was the best for him and his businesses and all his money didnt really help the man.- All that money and I wouldnt have swapped a moment of my life for his.

Then I decided to do some tidying up of my books and magazines and then it was time to go to Mass with Dad - he was very breathless tonight and has admitted its time for him to go onto Oxygen - Dad suffers from Emphysema (among other things) He used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day - Unreal!! On my worst day I have never ever gone over 30 ciggies a day and that was mostly if we went out and I would be smoking more then.

Its raining here and its heavy rain again - we really need this rain so it is good to hear it falling onto my roof. I have been doing some more embroidery on Tonis hearts - I have finished the black one and most comments are favourable, and I am now stitching on her Wild Block - I am doing spider roses but in Black this time- her black heart has orange roses on it and this wild block is a combination of oranges and pinks and a "hoffman piece of material that picks up the colours I have used - It should be finished tomorrow and I can show it on my flickr account and here as well. I am ready to go to my bed- oh its going to be lovely in bed and listening to the rain falling on the roof

well its good night from me and its good night from him

Nighty night Caitlin Skye - I wonder petal if you will ever read your Nans blog - unfortunately probably not - she doesnt know her Nana as bear - oh dear - Lord take care of Caitlin, her little half brother and her Mum - and take care of the rest of my tribeplease and all of my friends online qand in real life thank you.

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