Monday, April 03, 2006

Bears Embroidery Den -- Day 1 - 3rd April 2006

Hewoo there,
and a very big welcome to all who stray this way. This is my little space in the world where I can share and show what I have been up to along the way.......

The hardest thing about a blog - is starting it - where to start what to say, what to show I guess as someone once said - just start - haha well what to say--- I am retired - result of a car accident many long years ago. I was at that time a registered nurse and between full time work and studying part time at Uni (doing my post Basic degree and having been accepted to do my Critical Care Degree) and the mundane things in life we all do - ie housework - dirty word that one! Being a wife to my dear Colin my husband of 30 odd years) and a Mum to my 2 sons Kieron and Kirk, I didnt have a lot of time left over although I did aerobics - both land and water, weight lifting to tone up the muscles, walking the dog. reading and finding time to sleep - there wasnt many hours in my day to do anything else. Although I would generally have a wee bit of xstitch or tapestry on the go.

Then life changed and I had to adjust to a new way of living.
Suddenly I had more time on my hands much more, and suddenly I also had another companion - pain and lots of it. So then I had surgeries to go through and then physio to get the parts of the body moving again and then slowly came the realisation that life as I had known it was now changed and permanently. I would recover the use of my arm again - although there were restrictions, I would be able to bend again but again there are restrictions etc etc etc with the rest of the body. But what could I do to fill the hours in the day that yawned before me in a long and lonely way - Colin was at work as were the kids and the housework I hated I couldnt do anymore - little bits I managed but there were only so much that I could do - and I was either sitting lying down or walking a bit and what could I do - Colin and I went shopping and home came the pooter - oh what a saviour this has been- suddenly I was connected to the world again and there were people out there to talk to and then I found all about yahoo and the many groups - in between time I had also found magazines about this "new" ribbon embroidery - and I found that I could do this and it whiled away several hours - well there was still the sitting, standing and lying down - I could even do SRE while I was lying down . It proved to be good therapy for my hands as well.

So there I was- what to do - well I was doing some Silk Ribbon Embroidery and yahoo I had been told had these "groups" so I went and joined a group or two or three or many more - It was my salvation - finally I was connecting to people and talking to real people - okay they were in that box down on the floor BUT it was so much better then talking to myself all day GGGGG Then I was introduced to Crazy Quilting and many more friends were found and many more lists were joined and more skills have been added to my brain. Then I was making a cloth doll or two for our beloved granddaughter, wasnt brilliant coth dolls BUT Caitlin loved them - and I would make her some clothes for her dolls and we would play afternoon tea with her dolls and Nana and life was good. Different definately but it was better then it had been at the beginning of my recovery ......Of course along with making dolls I had joined several cloth doll lists when one day a friend Jacque - asked me to come and join her daughters cloth doll list - oh yes thought I - and so my journey is here at the moment - It is one of the best groupl of friends I have ever found. My skills have grown since that day in April 2004 when I had my life changed forever - I no longer race around at the speed of knots I am so much slower and I can see the butterflies and notice the flowers out displaying their beautiful blooms, I am also a member of Chain Of Hearts and Southerncrosscrazies and of course theres my beloved Doll list. I have made several very very dear friends and there are 3 or 4 I have very definately adopted as sisters which has been truely excellent - being an only child myself to find myself with sisters at this age in my life has been truely a blessed event - So Sherry and Darlene,and Kai (my twin) and Linda (F).ladies you are my salvation and thank you all very much for being more then a friend, thank you for being my sisters.Kai is also a beautiful woman and is also a Comanche Indian who truely is wonderful - she has given me my very own Comanche name - its' Weelah"- which means "little bear cub" - I am so happy to have this very special name from my birthday twin, and carry it proudly bless you Kai,. my dear burfday twinnie.

So to those who stray here thank you for looking- I hope you like what you see thats when I actually put up some piccies, I also hope to get the hang of blogging and especially how to add those piccies and I hope to have some fun on the blogspot of bears very ow2n.

lubs n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

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