Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Bears hearts - of human and material
April 11th
Well its been a bit since I wrote on here - Not much has been happening - I went to my first Chrism Mass last night with my Dad- it was held at the Cathedral in Adelaide- what a beautiful church it is and the mass was absolutely beautiful- I had in my mind that it would be as any other mass but it wasnt - along with the blessing of the chrism oil, the catechumen oil and the Oil for the annointing of the sick - the priests also renewed their vows to the church and to their congregations. - The Inscense was burning all through the mass and the congrgation was huge - and all in all it may have been my first but I will go again - truely a wonderful experience.
Today is my Mums birthday she would have been 76 years old had we not lost her 2 yrs ago. I still miss her and probably will for the rest of my life. I am eternally grateful that in her last months here with us that Mum and I had finally found a way to enjoy being with each other. Dad finds it very hard to keep going on without her But the other day he said he intended to live for another 10 years - way to go Dad!!!
Well we are almost at another Easter and its the 3 one without our beautiful Caitlin Skye. why Caitlins Mum and her new Boyfriend have stopped allowing us to see her and share her life is beyond me- But Bec did know the way to hurt us all and this is the way.Bec had promised us - thats Colin and I - and Kirk that she would never ever stop Caitlin from sharing our lives- oooh deary me- that did last for 4 years - but we apparntly were not of any use to her And Mick anymore.They say that what goes round comes around- but I would not wish this on Bec and Mick for all the tea in China - every day it feels like our hearts are being ripped out of our bodies. We all just hope that one day Bec will wake up and ring us and again let Caitlin to come to her grandparents place again. Caitlin we love you to the ends of the earth. I wish you could find this blog and find us that way - I have been told that Caitlin could when she turns 10 years of age come to see us on her own violention - but she has probably forgotten her "other" grandparents by now - after all she was only 4 and 3/4s when last we saw her- the week before Xmas. How much will she remember of us - as I said before -probably not very much at all.
I have been making Hearts - I am on the Chain Of Hearts group (yahoo) it was originally an Australian/NZ group - but it has since been opened up to allow for all participants from ny country to join in. - the swaps are the shape of a6 inch heart - it can be crazy patched or just using one material piece whatever so long as the size is constant- I have had hearts made for me by Sherry Dawn- (USA) SherryDawn mademy heart in the colours of pink and burgundy - in rememberance of my darling Mum- who adored these colours!! There is the cutest birdhouse on the heart - another one of Mums (and mine) favourite things!!Thank you very much Sherry Dawn!
I also have a beautiful cream on cream CQ patched heart from Julia Cam- Julia has been published in many magazines- and her embroidery is always so beautifully put together and it will be one that I will treasure for many long years- thank you Julia, you have no idea how I have adored your embroidery from afar for several years now!!
I am also making a heart for Maureen Bond- some time back - actually a year or 2 or even 3 - Maureen sent me a cream on cream CQed heart wth one of her very special stumpwork creatures on it- I was lucky enough to receive a grasshopper - and he is wonderful!! I am also making a heart for her in return - But I forgot that Maureen is a lady who loves cream on cream and so I am going to patch some new hearts as soon as this lot are on their way, and I am not sure what to put on it- but hey thats normal - I pick up a needle and find a thread and thats how3 my embroidery grows- not very organised but it works for me!!
I am also making one for Rita B in the USA - Rita and I are new to each other so this one will be hopefully the start of a new friendship that will last many many years - Rita does beautiful stitching as well!!
There is also another heart on the go at the moment - and thats for my darling mate in Sale Victoria- dear dear Linda - who said in an throwaway line in one of her emails- that she would like one of mine so long as it was made of Silk ribbon embroidery - Lindas life is very full at the moment and I am hoping this surprise heart will help her to remember that there are folks out here in cyberland that love her heapsa!!! and we miss her soooooooooooo much!!
There is one more heart I would really love to have but I sent her an enmail and havent received a reply -but it was during the time when yahoo was ditching meoff the list daily and 2 x times daily and even more often so maybe Tone has not seen my request - Toni E - does the most amazing dragons hearts ever- I lubs dragons (and Pegasus, Unicorns, butterflies- BUT definately not never ever spiders!!) I hope I can get Toni to swap with me- I really would love to have one of her very very special dragon hearts!
well I guess this is enough for today - I hope I can learn how to put up photos on to my blog site soon so I will then be able to show my hearts that have been sent to me and the 0ones I have stitched and sent to their new homes.

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Chloe said...


Bear, I can seeeee you. Big :)

I've got a Heart hidden away for you somewhere, too.

And it is getting closer.

Love you blog!