Friday, April 21, 2006

My first hearts

the green heart is not completed yet - in fact I am working on it tonight and will publish when its completed the heart underneath the green heart is known by me as angel in her garden and this one is also not completed - hated the butterflies and also the fan so they were taken off tonight and I am also working on it.

The heart under the second heart is known as angel in her rose garden and this one is actually finished and lastly the mainly burgundy heart is also finished.

I am waiting on SherryDawn deciding which heart she would likethe last heart is known as the angels and roses is finished as well.Julia has also told me which one of two she would like. I am finally in the swing of making them and am going to be doing some more piecing over the weekend to begin making a few more hearts to swap with ladies who have decided they would like a heart swap with me!!

I also have got to sit down and do 2 paper dolls this weekend- I finally have worked out what I want to do with these paper dolls- I have Camilles and Marys sitting here waiting on me making them - I probably send them together to Sherry - and as Sherry has classes this weekend and also next week, this should work out well as the parcel should get to her in time for her return home from teaching- Boy I am so glad my paper Doll block has gone- now to actually make them- I will post them to my blog when they are ready to go off on their next journey - this one back over the big pond to America phew!!!

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