Monday, July 06, 2009

??? I am thinking about this one

Hewoo one and all -

well if you look at the previous photo to todays you will find its somewhat different - I took bits and pieces off and replaced itt and am still not quite sure if I have finished it- I dont know why I am so Creatively blocked on this one- its almost s if I dont wanna finish it, or as if I wanna have another UFO- well truthfully I dont no siree I really wanna finish these blocks off and maybe make something from them.How strange I almost have a wall hanging finished ready for setting up and actually making something of it- woohoo unreal!

I hope whoever pops by will tell me honestly how THEY really feel about this block - please

love n hugs bearxoxoxoxxoxo


Shashi Nayagam said...

You know Bear. I like all your blocks. I didn't see anything wrong with the previous one but you know best as you have such a wonderful sense of colour and design.

Ann Flowers said...

i agree with Shashi. I thought it looked just right and ready for it's purpose:) Your color choices are great and your flowers and stitches are spectacular

MaryO said...

I liked it just fine before, too. But my best advice would be to go work on a different block, or two or three. Then come back to this one later with a fresh eye. Only you will know when it's finished!

shirley bligh said...

Bear, this block is beautiful. The colours are amazing. Maybe you have been looking at it too long. I agree with the suggestion go an do other blocks and come back to it.

I love crazy patchwork, but have a real struggle with it, and what to put where. Would love to do a quilt, but dont think I have enough years left.

I will look forward to following your blocks.