Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This is my Pink rose block

Hewoo all

well look at this only a couple of days back I wrote an entry and here I am yet again- maybe I am finally finding myself again. Bout time I say.Anyway dear readers why am I here waffling - last night I began to work on the next block- I have called it Pink block for want of a better description - wheres the pink I hear you ask??_ wel if you look at the silky in the middle there it is pink roses.

So last night I was looking through ribbons etc looking for the thing to make this block sing for me and I came across a bit of Hannah Ribbon- beautiful Bias Hannah Silk. This is called Bridal blush or something like that- its a white ribbon and on both edges its has a pale pink strip running down both side edges. Truely so simple and yet such a wonderful ribbon to play around with.

Now as to the secrets of me and how I do spider web roses- some folk thought that they had my technique down by getting one of my roses hearts and looking at what I did but it wasnt all there I guess cos when I am seriously wanting to get a good effect I reach for My Hannah silk, and I didnt always use that in my heart blocks. Anyway I cut the ribbon now and when I say cut it-- I mean I hold it up in the air with one hand (which is shaking crazyily)and with the other hand equally shaking,l and a pair of scissors clasped tightly I cut down the middle of the wide ribbon - NOW believe me when I say this is no straight cut I mean its not a straight cut - the cut is all over the place sometimes thick and sometimes thin on this side and then the other side and sometimes its so crooked you would look at me and say you are mad! and yup I guess I am.

OK now dear readers the next part is the other secret of my version of a spider web rose- I begin as others have for years and create a "Y" on the fabric with doubled thread-- okay nothing new in that -- BUT then the other 2 arms that people take straight out making kinda equal sections -- thats where I dont do that I take both arms from the centre and to the outside of the "circle but with a small gap between the bottom of the Y on each side . This all sounds double dutch but its easy - it happened once (actually more then once) and I was to lazy to undo the "error" this time and just did the stitching around with the ribbon and my rose was born- it was purely an error on my part. Anyway one person commented and then more and more, and I stopped doing the Y's arms for the rose the correct way and now I do it all the time my way, so now thats correct way isn it??

I will do a picture of what I mean re the sections of the circle, but that will be tomorrow for now please just take a look at this picture above and I hope you see what I see I love working the spider web roses with Hannah ribbons to me they look the most realistic of all the roses I do- do you agree?? By the way this block isnt anywhere near completed and yup I will be removeing the pins and adding other stuff and nope I wont be leaving the stitching all over that pretty Judith and Kathryn vase. Noighty bear --after all this is truly a work in progress!

love n hugs bear xooxoxoxoxo


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Bear! I will be waiting with baited breath to see your drawing of how you do your arms for the spider web rose! I will try to be patient though cause you need your sleep - lol.

I love the urn you have built your flower bouquet in. Can you tell me where you can get them, or was it one of those one of a kind finds?

Sleep tight!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow Bear another winner. You know rest is all gobbly gook to me lol!!
All I know is, it looks gorgeous!