Sunday, August 05, 2007

While July went past

Hewoo one and all

I did do some other things as well while the July month went missing for me, I completed the last of my gathering blocks and then I also made a block for myself -I have never made a block just for me so I figgered it was time -I am really wanting to make more now and maybe join them and for heavens sake make a CQ Quilt up out of them all- Heavens wot am I saying here?? Me quilting oh nope that's not my scene - well maybe it is I love making these CQ blocks up and they aren't like sane quilting where I HAVE to do this or that and I cant really change things cos as all keep saying with CQ there are NO rules - yup that's me lets face it I am not a lover of too many rules so I can see me doing a few more of these blocks- actually wanting to make some bigger blocks- the 6 and a half inch block doesn't give me a lot of space to play around and I really want to play around and I want to be able to do more seam treatments etc and by the time I do the roses etc there's not a lot of room for anything else to go on- so I can feel me trying out oooooohh lets see may be I will do some 12 inch square blocks. BUT even more worrying is I have been looking at sane quilting with an eye on maybe making at least one sane quilt oh did I say that?? Surely not bears' going quite insane lets not worry to much - that could be just the belt of spring weather we had last week getting into the blood and scaring up some of these silly feelings ggg CQ yup but sane quilting oh Bear You are a worry!!

The first in this set was made for Rowdy aka as Catherine of the Garden - Catherine gained the nickname of Rowdy from her "noise" factor when the girls attended the Gathering at Sandies' hacienda at Easter. Apparently Catherine is not the quiet demure little sweetie we all assumed she was. I am glad she's not the quiet and demure little sweetheart cos lets face it Bear can be as noisy as the next one and would be in good company with Rowdy. Anyway enough of that nonsense Catherine loves Purple and so I found this little patch I have had forever( another one of my Linda B's generosity to me when I was a beginner CQ'er ) and as the fairy also had little garden bits surrounding her I thought that Catherine might like this, the unfortunate thing is that I couldn't get a clear image of the fairy ---it is very sweet in person and Catherine has told me she liked it so I am happy bout that!

Then this one of Purple on the black background is the one I made for me. I have adored this combination of colours ever since I saw a Block that Julia C made for our Sandie- and Julia made her "Sandie Gathering Block" in these colours but Julia used much brighter purple ribbons then I have and it was so much prettier then this block. I am not so dissapointed that I wont use it but I did learn lots from making up this block and will dye some more ribbons and make sure they are of a brighter purple hues then these are. Sandie sent me the lovely black and white picture and I used some of my pencils to colour in the "pink" roses and green leaves in the girls hair - I am happy with that effect and would use that again.

This pink/ Burgundy block was one I made up for ??. I had these ribons etc left over from the other gathering blocks and I figgered it could be made up nicely and I think it came up a treat. and Hopefully the lass receiving it will think so. I love these little angels I have been using along the way - They came from a competition win and I really have had a lot of fun using them- I also used them along the way with some of my hearts. I don't think I have had one person say they didn't like the little angels. It goes to show we are all quite similar in our tastes sure we might like a few things differently but then there are some things that most enjoy ie angels and fairies and gardens etc. I really have enjoyed making the gathering blocks and when I next post I will put up all of the blocks that the Ladies of the gathering sent me


For now Bye all and be careful but enjoy the day for what it is a new day full of promise

lotsa love n big hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxxo


Kerry said...

I have gotten behind on posting comments lately. All of your blocks are fantastic and the ladies that receive them are fortunate to have them, so beautiful!

Jacque Uetz said...

Bear , what can I say each one of these blocks are so beautiful.I do love these deep purples and pinks..Your work is just fantastic!

Kai said...

It's high TIME you made yourself a block, my bd twinnie! I looked closeup at each one, and really studied the fine detail work you do. And you dye the ribbons yourself? I'm IMPRESSED! Each block you make, I tell myself, "Well now, THAT has to be the prettiest YET!' Then you turn right around and make another, & I say the same thing. But this time I KNOW my favorite! The one that's for YOU. That one makes me happy because you deserve beautiful things!

MaryO said...

Three more beauties, Bear!! I'm so happy you're beginning to do some for yourself! You deserve to be able to enjoy some of your lovely work, too!!!

Linda Fleming said...

I just love looking a your squares of fabric art. All the stitching, flowers, colors- and the little charms. Each and every pne of them are gorgeous.
Linda Fleming

Shashi Nayagam said...

Gorgeous Bear. As always so delicately done with perfect colour co-ordination.

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Bear,
yes, you have to be the best "Rose " queen of all!
Your block is gorgeous..
nice to see you stitching again. hugs

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Your block is beautiful!! You should make your block more to make a wallhanging or something.

Sandie said...

hehehe have to agree, Bear is the "Rose Queen" for sure .. and your blocks are all stunning. Every time I visit, I get so motivated to stitch - in fact, I'm off now to 'stitch' .. lol thanks hun!