Friday, August 31, 2007

Well before August does indeed slip away

this is actually the right hand side of the "bag"I forgot to rotate the pic- sorry gang but am not very clebber with this sort of stuff heck I even took a piccie thats a start normally I shove anything onto the scanne and thats the end of it!!
This is the left side of the bag showing the little "Southern Belle" in her garden of delight. I was a very silly bear I didn't write down who gave me the lovely crocheted Southern Belle - if she's of your work please do let me know so I can give you the well deservedly fabulous naming rights to her. She's so wonderfully made she is just Beautiful. Thank you to who ever did make her and thought enough of me to give her to me.
This piccie shows the beautiful butterfly heading for the flower bed on the right side of the "bag"
so much more to do -I wish I didn't have such a big Bum- then the bag woulda been a lot smaller gggg NEXT time I will go and BUY a pair of jeans and do a small size bag gg ooh well we cant all be size 6's can we??The beautiful butterfly was given to me by the wonderful artist Maria Vialle - thank you Maria she's perfect for this garden bed, and is beautiful!!

Now as you can see that although I have been quite as a little bear can be but I haven't been dawdling over my bed all the time or hiding out in my den - oh no I have been sewing my wee claws to a bone.

I have had an old pair of jeans cut off ready to play -make me into a JEANS BAG NOW! for some time now- maybe some 2 years- well slow is the bears way of coming onto a project. I am having some fun with this project as well- I decided that the ordinariness of the jean fabric could do with some outlandish stitching and so have been going at it hammer and tongs for the past couple of weeks creating flowers hither and 'yond and making one side look like it has flowers overflowing off the bag edges- so much so that when I was hunting through some bits and pieces to add something to the other side I found a crochet little southern belle in my favourite colours and decided that she should be standing in a garden of flowers like on the other side. So this is pretty much where I am up to at present- what to do next well there's an awful lot of beading that is waiting to be done- I began that last night and in doing one flower discovered I had placed another flower on back to front- heck I can really stuff a thing up cant I??- So its on the right way now and the other bits that had to come off t correct the glaring mistake are all back on and the beading can continue tonight. Hope you like it- please please do tell me BUT don't forget this is definatly a UFO at present and does have much more to be done before I think of it as completed

love n hugs Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Judi Wellnitz said...

Such beauty! I would never have thought of embellishing an applique that way - brilliant!

Linda Fleming said...

Wowser! What beautiful work, Bear! Absolutely gorgeous!

Jan D said...

Wish my UFOs look half as gorgeous!! YOu hear it all the time --I know-- but You do such beautiful work Belinda.. Hmmm now what can I send you to beautify????? Besides ME???

Shashi Nayagam said...

you are soooo creative. Beautiful work Bear!!

Louisiana Momma said...

those jeans bags are my new favorites!! Yours is beautiful of course! I just played with my first one - but plan on working some serious design on my next one :-) Glad to see you blogging again :-) Happy belated bday too!!

Debb said...

I love the jeans what work, I can't do that, And thanks for looking at the hats and boys. Harrison the one who throw off his hat is a hand fukk.


Gerry said...

Pretty, pretty. It looks great for a bag but I would love to have it as a pair of jeans. That would be way cool!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your comment. And I could read it. LOL.

You're in for the freebie too.