Friday, August 31, 2007

Has August also slipped away??

hewoo one and all

well it seems that the month of August has also slipped away how could it??- But it has and did- here it is the last day of August (downunder) and its the last day of Winter here as well- tomorrow bring with it not only the 1st day of September but also SPRING - hellallelua!!

I have been doing things I have been nominated by 2 sweeties for the Nice Matters Award- I dont know how to get the pretty picture with the Nice Award on it here but we will make ot it is here- and my thanks to Norma of and also Courtney of

You are both sweeties and I have to give this award to 7 people I love - out of the many I do love so very much- thats a really hard task cos I can always have so many more then I can write on here darn it!

Sherry Goshon

Linda Fleming . http://thewindowtomylife.blogscom/

Hideko Ishido

Kai Nakoni

Maureen Bond

Jacque Uetz

and last but definately never least my lovely "other "Linda
Linda Barraclough

I have selected obly the seven but so many more are out there whose work I admire or whom I have known and emailed for so long now that they are part of my family, this hard when you are asked to ONLY name 7 I can think of so many more it seems mean to but ONLY name these 7 beautiful people. To those not named- I do love you as well!! U know that I do and will go on forever being part of my online and real family .............
thank you
one and all
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Linda said...

You are a very lovely woman - thank you!

And I haven't forgotten I have to make an appointment to write to you (anyone else reading dis - private Bearjoke).

Diary looking free in a couple of weeks time - not nice at the minute

Love and lots of sticky-honey hugs


Linda Fleming said...

Happy spring, Bear! Though fall begins to arrive in most of the States now, here in Florida we will have several more months of summmer weather, thank goodness! I love, love, love summer!