Monday, June 11, 2007

Viv's gathering block finished

Hewoo world and my dear friends

well yet another gathering block is finished- with the completion of this one, I now move onto my territory- the remaining blocks are purples of some sort. I have been such a good girl bear- by forcing myself to do the ones outta my comfort zone first I now have the blocks I can really love doing- well a girls gotta love doing some you know its not all beer and skittles doing the purples one but ooooooh my mind flows when working with a purple background simply flows I am going to do some machine sewing in the next few days and just work on the blocks at night mmmmmmmmmmm ! I have promised and promised to make these little outfits for friends babies and I have gotten involved with the blocks and not with the sewing up of the outfits so the time has come to do some serious sewing!! Do you get the impression that bear prefers to do hand stitching to machine work- yup you would be right with that! gggg I adore smocking and Silk Ribbon embroidery which to some degree the little outfits all have soooooooo....... why oh why does it take me forever to wind myself up into a sewing frenzie! which is what it becomes- and then Col yells at me cos I will be sore for days after and will suffer with swollen arms and hands -- he just doesn't understand though that when the bug finally bites its gotta be finished first before I give into his nagging gggg

Well my dearest Viv do you like your block- yours for some reason was the only block so far to have a piece of patterned material in it and that really threw the old bear for a bit- what to do what to do?? In the end I put some thread around the top leaves tried all sorts of ways to do the bottom leaves and flowers in the end I outline the flowers and then began filling in with different coloured beads I went overboard didntI?? 0h Viv I am so sorry if I did go overboard- does the beading areas look like a flower????? Hope so cos that is what they are girl.

And I have a bone to pick with you Vivienne- gggggg( the long full name crankie bear speech and spelling ) What oh wot is sludgy pink girl?? Please tell I needs to know wot a sludgy pink colour looks like- did I manage to get any of this colour you wrote in your spiel of whats to do / whats not to do!!

Sludgy pink mmmmmmmmmmmm oh Vivienne I was at a loss to do a sludgy pink for ya so that requirement may not be in this block and if it isnt could you enlighten the old bear by showing her a piece of material that looks sludgy kiddo!! Sorry Viv (thats the apology in advance ggg)
love n hugs (and soon to be loud snores - the boys tell me I snore- maybe I dont they do and its repulsive can hear them down the other end of the house with the TV going and they hate being picked on so they tell me I snore- I prolly does but dont like the pair of them ganging up and talking as a double duo of trouble-- that they really and truly are!!

Well Viv and my darling friends big loves and hugs and all that catch ya on the morning and I hope you all have a fabulous day over the big pond in both directions and all
loves and biggie hugs
Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh Bear you do such beautiful work and this one is no exception even though it was out of your comfort zone. It is beautiful. Viv is going to be thrilled with it.

crazyQstitcher said...

Exceptional work as usual Bear. You are a natural with your delicious roses.

NormaH said...

What does one say when they have looked at such beauty and the mouth hangs open in awe!!!!!!!!!

Vivienne said...

Ooh, Wow, Belinda Bear!! I love my block, love the colours and love YOU, you silly old worry-wort bear! You've given me the most gorgeous sludgy pink roses and even the fabric which had initially had the gold beads on, was what I call sludgy pink, ie. not lolly pink or hot pink... I am really glad that you took the gold beads off, you have to be happy with it too and I know that I am soooooooooooo lucky to be on the receiving end of this beautiful block. Thankyou a million times over, Belinda.
Love from Viv(ienne)