Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finally Viv

Hewoo all and dear Viv

Well I had one more area annoying me and I had collected the bits and pieces together to sort out this problem area and would you believe one other lass (Hi Sandra from dolls) picked the one thing out that bothered me- so now I had confirmation that it was not just my wanky eyes but also someone could see wot I was seeing - Wot a load of waffle- I have sorted it and this is now the block that will begin winging its way to WA and into Viv's hands.
love to one and all thank you to everyone who commented on my blog or on my CQfriends or Dolls lists- ladies you're all worth having ya blood bottling you are fabulouse in your support for me and I feel so blessed to have so many kind and lovely friends
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo


Jacque Uetz said...

Bear this one is my fav I love the colors and the softness you are the best at this kinda work!!Just too beautiful for words..

Faye Dianne said...

Yes, like this finish best... Just Beautiful Belinda.