Wednesday, September 29, 2010

many eons ago

hewoo all
well many eons ago I told of the opossum that were visiting me here at my Dads home, well at the same time the sons who remained at our home while we are helping Dad out here also had opossums visiting- for the apples that Mum kept buying for them to eat- all was revealed when younger son told of how he was cutting up the apples for the opossums supper and there I was thinking older son was eating us out of house and home on the apple front. Many in the USA thought they were ugly like theres but like so many of our creatures I think you will agree that these little lady and her paramour are beautiful. Enjoy the piccies I hope you agree- they are on the veranda out the back of the house, when they run around the roof they make a lot of noise but they are not living with us - just visiting for the apple feast Kirk gives them.

in the last piccie you can see her tail nice and relaxed and arent they lovely and plump, they wont come to the kids completely but they did come close to them and got the fruits and ate them not far from them, they are after all wild creatures, a lot of people dont like them but I love them and welcome their company, after all they were here before us humans were. I really hope you like the pictures of our friends.

I have more photos to put up - its been a weird year , I have found some of the photos I thought lost of Bea and her kittens when they were tiny, also more photos of a CQ picture I made for a friend Jacque who lives in Iowa, at present but may be moving back to Texas.I also have photos of the Doll of Japan Showing that was held earlier this year the dolls were exquiste and were much better then my weak efforts to take photos of them, so please come back and have a look I am attempting to become a GOOD Blogger and also now that my pain in my hands is easing I hope to have more UFOs finished and up to be shown

love n hugs may today be terrific one for you
Bear xoxooxoxoxoxoxxo


JudiA said...

They are truly beautiful creatures Bear, not like the funny looking things with rat tails we have here. I'm so glad you shared these pics! AND that your hands are feeling better. It is such a pleasure to see the lovely things you create with those hands.

Bear said...

thank you so very much Judi

Shashi Nayagam said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Bear. They are lovely and you are lucky to have visits from them. Glad to know that your hands are feeling better.