Monday, August 31, 2009

Many moons have passed yet again

Hewoo all-

many moons have passed yet again and I promised back a while to put up the sketch showing the way I do my foundation spikes for "my" version of "spider web roses". Having checked my comments today I noticed that poor darling Kerry is waiting with baited breath oh heavens Kerry are you still breathing my love?? Breathe Kerry Breathe, please keep on breathing ROFLOL!

Now as you can see I am the worlds worst drawer BUT I hope you can see how and what I do-- its such a slight change but it does make all the difference! Also dont be frightened to use wider ribbons then the normal 4mm, that you will read in most Patterns these days- try wide as in 12 mm or 15mm rayon they are glorious the Mokuba Rayon Ribbon has such a sheen and it all adds to the roses beauty I have even used 20mm ribbons it can be done theres no rules in CQ and it should also apply to the making of spider web roses just because we have made them this set way doesnt mean we cant do this or that and who knows you may write to me and say you have found an even better way of doing them Go for it - Are you breathing again Kerry I do hope so I would hate to think I lost you after you waited so long for me to show the sketch - you can see why now cant you?? ggg Best of luck let me know if you make them and if your happy with this way or another show me your pictures please I love to test things out and so should we all ---that's how our beautiful embroideries get better isn't it??

love n biggest hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

PS Kerry you are breathing arent you?? gggg


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

**** gasp! *****
Okay, I'm breathing again now, Bear! Thank you for your sketch and also your ribbon recommendations. I am so excited because I have some Mokuba ribbon and have been lost for something to do with it - now I know! I'll let you know how it turns out for me. Thank you!

Bear said...

read the one below on using really wide Hannah Bias ribbon - the one about 1 inch wide. and cut it down the middle anyway give that ago- or you can make your own Bias ribbon - buy a nice smooth silk fabric and cut it up on the Bias do some dying and then cut your bias cut down the middle- thats REALLY fun and yup I have cut up mine but havent dyed it-
please can U email me
love n hugs bearxoxoxoxoxoxo

shirley bligh said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing that...I have given up on this type of rose, because i just could not get it to look right. Also have a lot of the wider silk and mokubra rayon ribbons that I have given up trying to must have taken a lot of courage to cut the wide ribbon.

In desperation for a nice rose I had a happy accident like you. But after hav ing a lot of time off sewing, am having difficulty remembering it and getting it right. When I do will post it on my blog.

You are a very inspirational person.