Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello Gang Its been a long long time huh??

Doesnt time fly and totally get away from you- have had an interesting time in between blog entries- NOT gggg. Ahhh well some nice things did happen way back - sorry Cory for being so long in acknowledging this on my blog but better late then never.

I won a beautiful necklace - Cory had a special drawing on her blog for "One World - One Heart" on February2 2008. The prize being the most beautiful Imagination Necklace. I am including a piccie of the necklace on this entry and oh deary me wait for it a piccie of moi wearing it. Please do go and have a look at Cory's amazing blog its here .

Thanks very much Cory I worn it often over our late summer and it was always commented on -all thought as I do I am one very lucky lil bear.
So dearest ones I am not commenting on the body under the necklace, had the hair trim the morning and the next thing I know when we got home Colins got the camera and I hadnt even looked at where the hair was- as you can see it was everywhere and I need to DIET! Not yesterday but this very instant- I have started - yeah I have- I only had 3 sugars in my Capuccino not 4 or 5, see I have begun but I also realise I am going to have to seriously cut back on my intake of Farmers Union Ice Coffee and with a plug like that I should get free Ice Coffee from them forever!! oooh yummy how am I going to do that!! I gotta though its the one thing if I cut it down or out I loose weight by the truckload - that might be overestimation but I can loose weight just cutting it down - oh but how to do it- ooooh buts so beautiful and just talking about it is making me want one right now (ggg its in the Fridge - I used to by 600mls these days I buy 3 litres- it last days but it shows wot a committed FU Ice Coffee drinker I am dont it but??

Oh well I will put the pics up and then go take some more - I have been making a something for a very special person and I think its finished but theres something stopping me sending it I cant put my finger on it but I think it needs a wee bit more - I will attempt to blog it afterwards ok my loves - and remember laffin at bears pics is not allowed, I is fat n beary looking n I could get beary nasty - nnnno I couldnt but now you all know why I dont like piccies of me!!

Anyway look back soon I promise to take the pics of the embroidery I have been doing in my long long long silence, I think I like it but I could do with some opinions there's a couple of spaces I am not sure of - anyway thats for later- this has taken the wind outta me heavens putting up a pic of moi who'd athought it would ever happen!!

love to you all n big bear hugs for being patient wiv me xoxoxoxoxox


Shashi Nayagam said...

Woo hoo bear at last a picture of you and what a pretty picture it is. Your hair looks just fine and yeppers you are a lucky bear to win a beautiful necklace.

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

bear you are a dream! lovely picci of you! You are wwwaayyyy to hard on yourself. You are really lovely! I know what you mean about pic's I HATE having my pic taken!


Linda Fleming said...

Bear, I love your hairtcut! So pretty and stylish- no wonder Colin wanted to take your picture, you cutie you! And that neckalce is lovely.

Linda said...

Oh Wow!!!!

I am so far behind I am going to meet myself coming backwards.

But just had to say I love the pic!


Cory said...

Hello Bear...Thank you for the lovely comments about my tutorial. It's so good to hear from you and to see you looking lovely wearing my necklace. Thanks for posting it.

I peeked at your work and it is all beautiful. The embroidery looks so yummy...wish I could do that.

I will be visiting again.
Hugs, Cory

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